Traderight 220W Chainsaw Sharpener Bench Mount Electric Grinder Grinding Tools

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Traderight Chainsaw Sharpener provides an accurate sharpening of each chain saw tooth! Every tooth will be the same length and correct angle for precise use. Powered by high torque alloy moto r of 220W, 50Hz which peaks at 320W, grinds almost any chain type and size! Features a large transparent protective cover, operation handle, pre-drilled holes for bench mounting, an adjustable chain stop, grinding wheels, max cutting length of 250mm as well as light - rigid CAD designed construction. Optional grinding disc can be purchase separately.

  • High performance motor ensures no burn, hot spot or soften your chainsaw
  • Large transparent protective cover
  • Industry standard 10mm arbor - get consumables anywhere
  • Sharpen all pitches from 0.325, 404, 3/8, 3/16
  • Rigid chain vice for accurate cuts and extended chain life
  • Spring-loaded grind head that can be adjusted up to 30°
  • Standard SAA approved
  • Power: 220W
  • Rated: Voltage 250V
  • Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Wheel Max RPM 7500r/min
  • Wheel Circulation Speed 42m/s
  • Wheel Diameter 100mm
  • Vibrations 2753m*s-2 Wheel
  • Dimensions 100x100x3.2mm
  • Cord Length 1m
  • Grinding angle 30°to left and right

Chainsaw Sharpener

1x TradeRight Chainsaw Sharpener

2x Grinding Disc

1x Instruction Manual

Grinding Disc 100mm(Dia.)

1x Grinding Disc

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