In addition to our Change-Of-Mind Return Policy, if you receive a product that is defective or incomplete in any way, or the product becomes defective through normal, intended use and through no fault of your own, you may return the product free for a full refund, a replacement or an exchange* within 5 years of the date you receive the product from us.

Please note: Some products (especially electrical products) come with their own manufacturers guarantee. In this case the manufacturers guarantee replaces our own 5 year guarantee.

Our guarantee is one of the strongest in the business. Compare it with other mail order and e-commerce companies, or any company for that matter!

* Please note that if you are seeking a refund, the initial postage, shipping and insurance costs (henceforth referred to as "Postage Costs") for sending the item(s) to you, as well as the postage to return it to us (if required), will not be refunded. (Note that if the item is defective, at our discretion we may not require for you to return the item(s)). Nevertheless, you will get a full refund for the value of the items returned. Similarly, if the item(s) are being replaced or exchanged, we will not reimburse you for Postage Costs for sending the item(s) initially to you or for you to return the item(s) to us (if required), but you will not need to pay any postage for the shipping of the new replacement item(s) to you.