Marjorie of New Zealand wrote:
"You are without doubt the very best Mail Order Company bar none!... your jewellery is a 'talking point' when I am wearing it."

Molly of NSW wrote:

"I take this opportunity of thanking you for the great satisfaction I receive from shopping with Windsor Mail. The goods are always well packed. It is a pleasure to receive them."

Marie-Ellen of Queensland wrote:

"Thank you all so very much for having so many beautiful and useful items from which to choose. Your brochures are always a delight! The always beautiful gifts are a real bonus. Thank you so much!"

Thelma of Queensland wrote:

"...very pleased with the service, and everything else with Windsor Mail. I have been buying from them 20 years this month. I get all my birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends though Windsor Mail. Again a big thank you."

Joan of QLD wrote:

"...I am also very happy with all of your products. Every piece of jewellery I wear, so many people admire them and ask me where I get them from. Everything makes a delightful present for the family, whatever I give them they are so pleased it makes me feel very good. Once again thank you all very much."

Gladys of NSW wrote:

"As for ALL the goods I have been receiving, thank you for the QUALITY so rare these days, and every item has been safely packed. Thank you all for CARING."

Ken of NSW wrote:

"I would like to add my compliments to the excellent variety of material you present in your catalogue[s]. We have purchased my things over the years and found them to be of great value."

Thelma of Victoria wrote:

"It's lovely to open orders from there [Windsor Mail]. You really don"t know the pleasure it gives me. Thank you all again from a very satisfied customer."

Marie-Ellen of Queensland wrote:

"Over the years, Windsor Mail and their range of products have given so much pleasure - it"s like being part of a family. Truly!"

Hilda of NSW wrote:

"Windsor Mail has given us both [her and her husband] a lot of happy times for such a long time. We do have a few companies just like yours here in Sydney but we only deal with your company Windsor Mail as it is special and very friendly and very well-run."

Henry of Queensland wrote:

"I will also say that of all my purchases from Windsor Mail I have been very satisfied, pleased and enjoyed my shopping with Windsor Mail. Once again thank you."

Mary of WA wrote:

"It is now 21 years ago since I first started shopping with you and over that long period I have bought so many beautiful things and received some wonderful free gifts."

Elise from NSW wrote on 10th March 2010:

"I shop at lots of stores and you are the only people who treat customers as if they are family. At my time of life this is much appreciated."

Fay of QLD wrote:

"You have served me very well over the years and for that I say 'thank you very much' and [I] will continue to do business with you. Many thanks."

Colleen of NSW wrote:

"It is a pleasure to deal with such a good company who has remained [retained] the same service for so long."

Cynthia of Tasmania wrote:

"I want to thank you for the lovely presents you always send me. I hope to be your customer for a long time to come."

Jan of Tasmania wrote:

"I always enjoy opening the parcel from Windsor Mail even though I know what I have ordered, it's the 'treats' that are always a lovely and welcome surprise, so a very special thank you again to you all."

Peggy of Victoria wrote:

"...Also many, many thanks for your wonderful products - keep up the good work."

Hazel of Queensland wrote:

"My grandies and great-grandies also enjoy the many products I have purchased from Windsor Mail. Once again, many thanks."

Agnes of Victoria wrote:

You will have warmed the hearts of many of your customers, including my own - I must add that I have always been entirely pleased with all the goods I have ordered over the years."

Margaret of NSW wrote:

"I have always been impressed of all the lovely things I have always received. Once again I do wish your firm will always go on for years to come."

Mavis of Queensland wrote:

"...your lovely catalogues bring a lot of pleasure and enable [me] to still buy lovely things for my family and grandchildren, without it I don"t know what I'd do."

Rosie of SA wrote:

"I have always appreciated your prompt service and the way you treat your clients. I wish you continued success."

Iris of Victoria wrote:

"A sincere thank you. Over many years, I have been able to purchase lots of items. I have been happy with everything."

Rhonda of Queensland wrote:

"I want to thank you all for excellent service over the years I have dealt with you."

Peggy of Queensland wrote:

"Once again your products so far have been very satisfactory and reasonably priced."

Margaret of WA wrote:

"I have been buying a lot of wonderful things from Windsor Mail to share to [with] my family in Fiji. They will always bring beautiful memories of Windsor Mail and staff members too."

Margaret of South Australia wrote:

"...thank you so, so very, very much, I love you all and I hope to be dealing with you for a long time yet"