Premium Quality Acrylic Candy Bin Countertop Compartment 15L 6mm

SKU: TIJ-CB1001-15L




This large acrylic candy bin is a high-quality storage container that can greatly benefit a variety of stores. Designed in a transparent, clear colour, this Acrylic Candy Bin is a great way to attract customers as it displays the interior of the container. Through enhanced visibility, customers can easily view and access many dry goods like nuts, chocolates, lollies and many more. With a capacity of 15L, our Acrylic Candy Bin is best for storing dry bulk items like nuts and confectionery. Access to the wide variety of products is further enhanced through the sliding door instead of hinged doors which can be opened upwards in an easy slide motion. Not to mention the precise and detailed design of our acrylic containers which results in their stackable feature. A stackable design conserves counter top space whilst still providing customers with a variety of items.The container’s design also consists of a compartment allocated for placing items like straws or a scoop.

  • First acrylic container in the market to have a 6mm thickness and higher quality and durability than normal plastic container
  • Clear, transparent box allow contents to be viewed with ease and these boxes can be used as display candy boxes in shops.
  • Acrylic container has a capacity of 15L to hold several items like nuts, confectionery, dry goods and more!
  • Containers have a stackable design to conserve counter top space.
  • Sliding door allows easier access to contents and ensures food items remain fresh with closed lid.
  • 1x 15L Candy Bin

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