4 Person Picnic Basket Deluxe Baskets Set Outdoor Blanket Deluxe Wicker Gift

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A must have for picnic lovers ! Take it with you when going for a trip ! Crafted from quality willow elegant and sturdy, enough large for your favorite fruits, wine and other foods. Features PU leather straps to keep cutlery, wine glass, plates and corkscrew in place. Further more, a colour matching ground blanket in basket to sit on. A handle for easy transportation, great for picnics and other outdoor gatherings.

 Key features

  • 4-person picnic basket
  • Portable handle
  • Quality willow
  • PU leather straps
  • Colour matching ground blanket
  • Bonus tableware

Material: Willow

Interior: Cotton linen lining

Handle material: PP(polypropylene)

Plate diameter: 8”

Glass dimension: 5cm x 13.5cm(Dia. x H)

Basket dimension: 38.5cm x 25cm x 28.5cm

Colour: Refer to gallery

  • 1x Picnic Basket
  • 4x Wine Glass
  • 4x Napkin
  • 1x Corkscrew
  • 1x Cheese Knife
  • 4x Ceramic Plate
  • 1x Cheeseboard
  • 4 Sets x Stainless Steel Cutlery

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