Double Side Water Stone Whetstone Knife Sharpener Sharpening Sharpe 2000/5000

SKU: E0186




Made for the Professional Chef, but easy-to-use for the Home Cook, this professional grade sharpening stone will keep you safe in the kitchen. Use the small number grit coarse side followed by thelarge number grit polishing side, and no matter what you're chopping, it will feel like slicing through butter.

Itistruly is a MUST-HAVE for every household. Even the longest kitchen knife, and designed to fine-tune any blade, whether an expensive wusthofor just a cheap stainless steel kitchen knife, it's also ideal for sharpening things like scissors,blades, pocket knives, a chisel, axe, sword or even machete.

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • High hardness
  • 2 IN-1 grits for most operations
  • Non-slip base guarantee safety
  • Small number side for reforming the edges (remove rust, scratches, dull edges).
  • Large number side for precising refining (polish and final touches for mirror-smooth results)
  • Use: First, soak into saltywater for 5-10minutes
  • Then start from the coarser to the finer side.
  • Stroke the blade along the stone in 10 to 30 degree angle.
  • Clean the stone and blade when done.
  • Material:White corundum
  • Size: 17.6 X 6 X 3cm
  • 1x Dual Whetstone

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