HANDHELD Cordless 20V Electric Chainsaw

SKU: NE0144



Cutting made easy. These cordless chainsaws are a great alternative to the traditional petrol-driven chainsaw. Their 20V lithium-ion batteries make work more bearable without the mess, noise and fumes.

The adjustable chains and bars make trimming in tight spaces easier and soft grip handles reduce fatigue.

Each has an auto oil-lubrication that prevents the chainsaws from running dry. Better yet, there’s no fueling up,

and the Allen key included is for quick chain tension adjustment!
Which ever of these GIANTZ Cordless Chainsaws you choose, rest assured each is built to be robust and durable with a performance that matters. They will make any gardening work simple, easy and effortless. Sold separately.

Product Contents:

  • Giantz 20V
  • Cordless Chainsaw
  • 20V Lithium ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Bar Cover
  • 100ml Oil

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