Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Cover Sprayer Auto Smart Electronic Wash Dual Nozzles

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Wash instead of wipe, start a healthier lifestyle with our Electric Bidet. Relieves bacteria germinating and even natural hemorrhoids, best experience to private area. 3D Contour heated seat with adjustable temperature, various washing function with warm air dry to provide an advanced cleaning method with ease. Intelligent dedorisation to remain an ultimate freshness. IPX4 water proofing with SIAA and watermark certified for safe and reliable use. Optimal approach to upgrade your toilet for a better performance indeed.

Traditional wipes are known to cause a range of health issues including hemorrhoids, skin irritation, leaves a trail of germ, and many more. Minimize the risk of getting infected with our brand-new Electric Bidet Toilet Seat cover. You may be wondering how does it work? It sprays a gentle stream of water at your private area with a click of a button. The water stream is sprayed perfectly covering all the essential areas. The pressure of the stream can be adjusted. The temperature of the water can also be adjusted based on your need. Giving you peace of mind.  If you are worried about getting wet by all those waters, don’t be! Built-in air dryer blows subtle warm air. Quickly dries your skin giving you a dry and comfortable experience.

Equipped with a 3D contour heated seat adjust the warmness of the seat as you would prefer. Nobody likes a cold seat, especially in cozy weather. Adjust the position of the seat with its built-in seat sensor. A perfect cleaning experience you will love. Front and rear wash ensure a complete cleaning. A relief from hemorrhoids pain and constipation.Maintains your personal hygiene at the best.Intelligent deodorization maintains fresh aroma all the time. For night time usage our product is equipped with LED lights giving you a hassle-free night experience. Additional power safety protection is provided for safe use. Rated IPX4 waterproof.Provided with an anti-scratch feet pad to avoid any accidental scratches to your toilet. Perfect upgrade to your existing toilet seat.

Install it with simple steps, check the power source and water connection in your bathroom. When connecting to water source make sure the water pressure is between 0.06Mpa – 0.75Mpa with water temperature ranging between 4 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. Connect to a water source with its T valve and filter. Very easy to set up the toilet seat with simple instructions provided with the product. Can be installed using the home tools and provided tools with the product. Please make sure not to plug the electric bidet to a power supply during installation. Don’t immerse the product in the water when cleaning just wipe it off to clean. Make sure the electric plug stays secure to the plug. Do not touch the connected plug with wet hands.

For a healthy and safe stool practice. Preserving hygiene and cleanliness. A toilet seat you need, a toilet seat you will love. Try for yourself! Grab one now.

Key Features:

  • 3D Contour heated seat
  • Self-cleaning dual nozzle
  • Front / rear wash
  • Posterior wash
  • Oxygen-enriched cleaning
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Warm air dry function
  • Auto dedorisation
  • Soft closing lid
  • Watermark -certified
  • SIAA certified
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Note: Screen is for decorative purpose only

Material: ABS plastic

Cleansing rate: 600-800ml/min

Water pressure range: 0.06-0.75Mpa

Rated power: 230V,1520W,50Hz

Power cord: 1.5m Length

Weight: 4.4kg

Water inlet tube: 104cm x 0.6cm (L x Dia)

Dimension: 50.8cm x 44.4cm x 12.5cm (W x L x H)

Colour: White

  • 1x Electric Bidet
  • 1x Water Inlet Tubel
  • 1x Instruction Manual

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