Dreamz Mattress Topper Bamboo Fibre Luxury Pillowtop Mat Protector Cover Queen





If you notice that your old or mattress isn't doing a great job in providing firmness and support, DreamZ Mattress Topper could be your choice! Just add it on top of your mattress and you will feel a whole lot better and more comfortable. Features 100% polyester filling with bamboo fibre, provides a lofty cushion of softness supporting your every move. Anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant and anti-allergy for a totally healthy and hygienic sleeping surface with complete peace of mind and body that are neatly sewn together to ensure that the filling does not spread and go lumpy. What's more, the fully-fitted elastic skirt around the topper also ensures that the topper stays in place at all times. Begin to enjoy luxurious night rest!


Key Features:

  • Soft and fluffy blend filling
  • 3D chambers baffle box stitching
  • High resilience and comfortable
  • Anti-bacterial and breathable
  • Lint free and non-shedding surface
  • Extend underlying mattress life
  • Fully-fitted 45cm elastic edge
  • Skin-friendly and allergy free
  • Bonus storage bag

Brand: Dreamz

Cover material: 85gsm Polyester

Filling material: 1000GSM Polyester and bamboo fibre

Back material: 85gsm Polyester

Skirt material: 85gsm Polyester

Fitted skirt: 45cm

Colour: Charcoal

Size and dimension:

Queen: 203cm x 153cm

  • 1x Dreamz Mattress Topper
  • 1x Storage Bag

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