‘Self-Squeeze’ Microfibre Mop Wet & Dry System

SKU: SE0270



Are you still using a traditional mop and bucket to clean your house floor? Tired of washing the dirty mop after cleaning? This revolutionary system comes with 2 section buckets, washing or cleaning mop in one area and squeezing dry in another - so you’ll never need mop your floor
with a dirty, wet mop again! The replaceable microfibre mop head cleans efficiently on any
surface - easily absorbing dirt and picking up dust and hairs. Each has a universal swivel feature
that lets you easily get under furniture, in tight spots around toilets and all those hard to reach places. Adjustable handle to lengthen or shorten the pole. Stainless steel pole and heavy-duty plastic. Bucket size: 35cm x 22cm x 40cm. Mop Pad Size: 33x12cm.

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